Our Facilities

For the convenience of the students, a school bus will be running in some routes. Students availing themselves of the bus service must continue throughout the year. If exemption is required, written application from the parents should be submitted to the Principal who has the authority to grant or deny exemption.

Students are supposed to behave properly in the bus. For the sake of their own safety, they should not put their heads or hands out. Serious measures will be taken against any student who misbehaves in the bus. At the bus stop, students have to get in to the bus in an orderly manner. They should speak in English in the bus and at the bus stops.

It is in the play ground that one learns to respect the rights of others and obey the will of the majority. The child imbibes sportsman spirit, discipline and the ability to accept victory and defeat gracefully through participation in various games and sports activities organized in the school.

Reading can take you anywhere in the world. Our school has a great collection of books available for the students related to different subjects plus with multimedia. We have a separate reference section with different encyclopaedia, periodicals, magazines and rare books. Library is open only to the staff and the students of the school and we have also arranged library period for each class.


1. Strict silence should be observed by all in and outside the library.
2. All articles not pertaining to the library should be kept outside.
3. Nobody should enter the library without his/her library card.
4. Only one book will be issued per card and no students can take a book on another’s card.
5. Books can be returned only on the respective library day.
6. Books overdue may be returned only on any library day with a fine of Rs.5 per day.
7. No fine will be charged for books overdue if a letter can be produced showing the borrower has been absent for valid reason.
8. If any defect is noticed when taking a book, it should be brought to the attention of the librarian. Books lost must be replaced by the borrower. In case the book is not available, the cost of the book will have to be deposited at the School Office.

In this era of ever increasing old age homes & orphanages it is mandatory that child should learn to respect and love elders and old people. School takes the initiative to visit old age homes, abodes of down trodden etc. and enable the students to donate in terms of means and money.

We have a well-furnished computer lab with advanced computer units according to the demands and also with internet access.

We have a well-equipped digital lab with interactive digital board digital pen, projector etc. It helps the students to get detailed information of all the subjects taken in the class room.

Our student’s creativity is nurtured through learning by doing. Separate labs for physics, chemistry and biology are allotted with various equipment supported by advanced technology for experiment and research for our little scientists.

We have also arranged a mathematics lab with different models, charts and maths equipment.

Responding to the demand of English language throughout the world, our students get practice with spoken English in a visual & audio section, accessible in the language lab.

Children will be children ! Bruised knees and elbows the occasioned ill health on campus are all part of school life. We have a well equipped infirmary where first aid is administrated. The infirmary has 2 sick beds where children may take rest any medical emergencies are immediately referred to the nearby Unity Hospital kattoor.

As per new normal, online classes are going on in full swing; school is highly equipped with all kinds of E-facilities so as to ensure effective teaching-learning process. Tecahers are abreast with the latest virtual tecahing techniques. Examinations are held in time in online mode.